Packing Supplies

Packing SuppliesPacking supplies are a big part of what you will need to consider if you want to get the most of your self storage usage. All Storage Deluxe locations stock a full range of packing and moving supplies. We can provide boxes of many sizes, tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper, mattress and sofa covers, locks, and much more. Our prices are the best!

Wholesale Packing Supplies

Get wholesale packing supply prices without having to shop around. If you were to compare our prices and selection you would be pleased to find that our products are very fairly priced.

Storage Deluxe has packing supplies for your smallest and most fragile items, as well as products to accommodate your largest items such as mattress covers, locks, and large storage boxes. These supplies come in handy for indoor and outdoor furniture, sporting goods, lawn maintenance equipment, and so much more. No matter what you’re moving, don't worry - Storage Deluxe has you covered.

What Do You Need?
Small Boxes: prices start @ $1.99 per box
Medium Boxes: prices start @ $2.99 per box
Large Boxes: prices start @ $3.99 per box
Packing Tape: prices start @ $1.99 per roll
Bubble Wrap: prices start @ $3.99 per roll
Mattress Covers: prices start @ $4.99 each
Locks: prices start @ $8.49 each
Rope: prices start @ $3.99

Contact one of our experts at (877) 989-STORE(7867) to determine the supplies you need for your big move. Or visit and purchase what you need online.