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Full-Service Move

Full-Service Moving

Moving Deluxe

Moving Deluxe is a full-service moving company in NYC offering deluxe transportation for all residential and business moves. Moving Deluxe provides professional packing and wrapping services for all your precious possessions. All furniture is expertly covered and protected with soft moving quilts.

Moving Deluxe owns and operates a fleet of vehicles fully equipped and guaranteed to be clean and well-maintained.

The company offers a full-service moving package which includes:

  • Each piece of furniture wrapped at no additional charge. The material used is a non-dye, non-acid kraft paper wrapping, which will not stain or damage your furniture. This is the same wrapping that is typically used to wrap new furniture.
  • Moving Deluxe will disassemble any standard piece of furniture that requires approximately 10 minutes or less of disassembly. This typically includes beds, dresser/mirrors, and small entertainment units. For more complicated disassembly, such as large wall units or cabinets, additional labor charges may apply, depending on time required.

If you are looking for full-service movers to handle your residential or business move, simply e-mail Moving Deluxe your contact information at