Tips for Packing Large and Small Appliances

Posted on May 05, 2014 by Storage Deluxe
Packing Appliances

Appliances are among the most difficult items to pack for a move. Boxing up large items such as refrigerators, ovens, washers/dryers, and dishwashers can prove to be a daunting task without the proper preparation and materials. Even smaller items like a computer or home theater system need adequate protection to ensure they reach their destination unharmed and in good working condition.

  • Two days before packing appliances, unplug the refrigerator. Remove the contents, clean and dry the interior and then defrost and dry the freezer.
  • To secure the cord of each appliance, roll or fold it into a small bundle and tape it to the back of the appliance with blue painter’s tape. Blue painter’s tape is easier to remove than heavy-duty packing tape when it is time to unpack.
  • Tape or tie down movable parts including appliance doors, microwave carousels and loose items of rotisseries and grills, and pack them separately if needed. Always be sure to label boxes with movable parts correctly when packing appliances to avoid misplacing items.
  • Shut down computers and remove CDs, DVDs and flash drives. Pack computers and other electronics securely in their original packaging if possible.
  • When packing appliances that are large including washer-dryers and TVs, use moving pads or blankets to wrap the items and secure them with heavy-duty tape, a cord or rope.
  • Individually wrap smaller appliances with bubble-wrap and pack them together in cartons or big heavy-duty boxes filled with crumpled newspaper or foam peanuts for cushioning.
  • Before moving appliances, label every box with the contents and destination room. Be sure to write “Fragile” on each box.

Following these 7 easy tips will allow you to have your new home up and running in no time and avoid mishaps that can lead to costly repairs and unnecessary stress.

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