The High Price of Disorganization

Posted on March 07, 2014 by storagedeluxe-manager

The High Price of Disorganization

We’ve all heard that it is bad to be disorganized, but do you actually know why? Have you ever calculated the price of disorganization? Some professionals estimate that the cost of disorganization may be as much as 20% of your household budget. Others have estimated the costs to be as much as $3,000 a year!

What is Disorganization Costing You?

Disorganization is a drain on your wallet. You misplace your electric bill and don’t pay it until a week after the due date – 15% finance charge. You throw your mail in a pile unopened on the desk and a conference registration deadline passes you by – $40 late fee. Or, how many times have you brought something home and found one or two already in the cupboard? What about the food we throw out because we overlooked it in our refrigerators? Sometimes, disorganization forces us into crisis mode, leading to last-minute shopping at premium prices. It’s a pretty simple equation; the more disorganized you are, the more money you are likely losing.

How it Affects Stress and Mood

Disorganization can also affect your schedule and everyday attitude. How often has the stress in your life been related to disorganization? Your mood is greatly affected by how smoothly your day goes. Have you ever had things spin out of control because you ran late, missed a deadline, or spent 20 minutes searching for your car keys? How do you feel when you come across a document you should have acted upon months ago? Guilty? Remorseful? We beat ourselves up unnecessarily over being disorganized.

Aside from affecting stress and mood, disorganization can also have an indirect effect on other health issues. If you can’t find your medicine, you can’t take it.  If you misplace your sneakers or a piece of sports equipment, chances are you won’t be as likely to exercise.  And too much clutter around your home can accumulate dust and attract dust mites which can lead to allergies.

It’s Time to Get Off the Disorganization Treadmill!

Getting organized and staying organized doesn’t have to be a huge task. Start slow now and the benefit will be great in the long run. Go through all the rooms in your home and sort them into: Keep, Donate, or Throw Away.  If you find that you have more in your “Keep” pile than you’d like, storage facilities such as Storage Deluxe can help you make room in your home – and the cost is probably less than you think.

Once you realize how much disorganization is costing you, you have a reason to want to change. Keep the vision of a clutter-free and chaos-free life in front of you for motivation as you move forward with your organizing efforts. It’s never too late to stop being disorganized!

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