Storing Your Musical Instruments

Posted on March 07, 2014 by storagedeluxe-manager
Musical Instrument Storage

Storing Your Musical Instruments

If you are a musician, you know the importance of keeping your instruments in their best possible condition, especially if you have to store them away for any amount of time. Whichever instrument you own, whether it is percussion, brass, or something with strings—an instrument is delicate, extremely expensive in most cases, and in need of safe, secure storage.

The Problems with Inadequate Temperature and Humidity

Musical instruments are fragile. Excessive cold, heat, and humidity can cause many problems.

String instruments – Wood can absorb moisture causing strings to break and wood to swell, crack and warp. Mildew can develop and pests such as mites and woodworm may start to find your instrument attractive.

Drums – Mold and mildew can grow and drum skins can dry.

Brass instruments – Drastic temps and humidity can cause brass instruments to shrink and expand and play out of tune.

Woodwinds – If the inner bore of the clarinet has moisture, and the outer wood is dry, the wood may expand and crack.  Extreme cold or heat can also cause cracking, as well as problems with pitch.

Pianos – The wood, felt, and strings of the piano can all be negatively affected by improper humidity and temperature levels.  Warping, tuning problems, mold and mildew are just a few of the things that can occur if your piano is not stored correctly.

Musical Instrument Storage Tips

  • Always try and store an instrument in its proper casing. This will ensure even better protection for it. You can also take it one step further and put the cased instrument inside a polyethylene bag to ensure it is affected by the least amount of humidity.
  • Drape a cloth over strings for added protection.
  • If you are storing something larger (like a piano), we always recommend covering it in a blanket to keep dust from getting in where it shouldn’t.
  • After longer periods of storage, be sure to have your instrument both cleaned and tuned to make sure it is in its best condition.
  • Completely clean and disassemble the instrument before storing, and remove any mouthpieces, reeds, or straps.
  • Loosen the strings on stringed instruments so they do not become brittle and snap.
  • Keep instruments away from open vents.

Storage Deluxe has climate controlled units that are perfect for storing musical instruments and keeping them in mint condition. We constantly monitor our units’ temperatures ensuring your instrument’s safety. Protect your investment and inquire about our storage units today.

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