Make Clean-Up and Organization Fun…for the Kids!

Posted on March 07, 2014 by storagedeluxe-manager
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Make Clean-Up and Organization Fun…for the Kids!

For every parent, finding enough storage in your children’s closet for toys, games, shoes, clothes and all of their other possessions can be tough. By creating storage areas in the room that make clean-up and organization fun, your child will want to use them!

Here are some tips on how to use every part of the room to its advantage and help your children keep their rooms organized and neat.

Storage must be within a child’s reach. If a child can’t reach the storage, they are not going to use it. Whatever type of storage you use, it must be easily accessible to your child.

Under the bed. If you have space under the child’s bed, this is the perfect storage area for baskets and crates. We recommend Dorm Buys. Great prices and fun prints and colors your child will love.

Laundry baskets. A laundry basket makes a great storage area (at a great price) for all kinds of toys. You can purchase these in many different colors so they can be color coordinated with the décor of the room. Pottery Barn Kids also offers fun baskets and storage boxes sure to fit any room décor.

Go beyond the box & basket. There are many creative storage solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. Target has nets you can hang above the bed for stuffed animals, light toys, balls, or extra pillows.

Flexible storage. Cube systems such as Cubeicals are the most flexible types of storage ideas you can use for a child’s room. You can arrange them however you wish and change them on a daily basis. For younger children you can arrange them to be on one level but as the kids grow, so can the storage.  You can develop these cubes into two or even three levels, giving you more floor space. They can be used to hold books, toys, clothes,  or a number of things. Each cube is large enough to hold a basket or shoe box so you can keep all the tiny items in one place as well.

Hide the storage. Children don’t always keep their shelves tidy. A simple, quick fix is to cover up the shelves. You can sew or buy fabric covers that slide across, kind of like draperies on your windows. You can also use mini-blinds to hide the shelves.

These storage ideas should help keep your children’s bedrooms, playrooms, or even your living room in order. Remember, if you don’t have room for all the items in your home, Storage Deluxe gives you a place for everything— to put everything in its place.

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