How to Pack Breakables and Fragile Items

Posted on May 02, 2014 by Storage Deluxe
Packing Breakables

When moving and packing fragile items like dishes, glassware, picture frames, and many other breakable items, they must be packed delicately or you will end up with a box full of shattered pieces. Safely transport your breakables using the following tips:

How to Pack Dishes, Plates and China

  • When packing dishes and other flat china for moving, use a heavy-duty box designed specifically for dishes, as it will have sturdy compartments with padding. These types of boxes are also much stronger than cheaper alternatives, further ensuring the protection of your dishes.
  • To prevent your fine china from breaking during transit, wrap all of your china individually with bubble-wrap and seal it with packing tape. This step is time-consuming but it will keep your valuables from smashing into one another.
  • Use Styrofoam peanuts and/or shipping air bags to fill the gaps in the box and cushion your valuables. These are great alternatives when you do not have access to dish pack boxes.

How to Pack Glasses and Stemware

  • When packing glasses, find a divided box, like the kind used to ship bottles, or line a small to medium size box with bubble-wrap. You can ask a wine or specialty liquor store for some divided boxes to ensure the protection of your glassware.
  • Never lay dishes or glassware flat, but instead pack them standing up on their edge in between layers of bubble-wrap.
  • Take one glass, place it on a pre-cut pile of newsprint and wrap two sheets around the glass, making sure you line the inside. Place the second glass inside the first one, line the inside of that glass with newsprint and continue inserting glasses in this fashion until you have a “nest” of four glasses.
  • Lay the nest (or stack) of glasses across newsprint diagonally, wrap it in another two sheets and tuck in the ends. You can also wrap the nest in a sheet of bubble-wrap for extra protection.
  • Place the nest into one of the divided sections, or in the bottom of a small or medium sized box.
  • Fill the box, add extra newsprint or bubble-wrap on top, seal the box and mark it “Fragile: Glassware.”

How to Pack Picture Frames and Mirrors

  • When packing picture frames and mirrors, be sure to select a box that is bigger than the picture or mirror you need to pack and break the box down so that it lays flat. Tape the bottom of the box securely with packing tape, leaving the top open.
  • Wrap the picture frame or mirror in an over-sized piece of bubble wrap as you would a present, securing it with packing tape.
  • Slide the picture frame or mirror into the opening of the box and seal the opening with packing tape. Also, be sure to write “fragile” on the outside of the box, noting the room (living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.) where the picture or mirror belongs.
  • Avoid stacking picture frames and mirrors flat in a moving truck with one on top of the other, but instead keep them side by side standing up on their edge. Packages absorb pressure easier on their edge than when you lay them flat, making them less likely to break. You can also pack multiple picture frames and mirrors side by side on their edges inside a wardrobe box or in between heavy objects so that they will not shift during the move.
  • Use cardboard protectors designed to cover the corners.

Always keep track of items by labeling your boxes. When you are unpacking later on you want to make sure you are aware of what you are unwrapping, so that you can be gentle with extra fragile items. Although these tips for packing breakables may seem time consuming, it’s worth it. No one wants broken valuables!

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