Create a Clutter-Free Home

Posted on March 07, 2014 by storagedeluxe-manager

Clutter at home is unhealthy for ideal physical and emotional health. Clutter in your home is anything that does not get used often. Sources of clutter that gather dust can be harmful to respiratory health.

These common indoor environmental hazards are particularly risky for anyone suffering from pulmonary disorders such as COPD and asthma. Additionally, because clutter just sits around, it creates stagnant energy by blocking comfortable air flow and energy movement which can have a negative impact on the way we feel.

For hundreds of years, the Chinese have used Feng Shui (an ancient Chinese cultural practice based on the study of the dynamic flow of energy in our environment and how it affects human beings) to create more balance and harmony to their lives. The process of clearing clutter also clears your mind and brings your goals into focus and into the forefront of your mind.

Feng Shui experts explain that our environment reflects our lives and our mindset, and so if your home is cluttered or messy, your life may also feel the same way. By the same token, if you clean and organize your living environment you can gain renewed focus and take better control over your life.

In simple terms – if you don’t control your clutter – your clutter can control you!

People may accumulate many belongings – some of which may be extravagant or somewhat unnecessary. It is an individual’s right to own whatever they choose, but it is a good idea to constantly evaluate how much you really need and use, and then store or give away the items that are not regularly used or needed.

In order to decide what to do with your clutter, a good organizational practice is to start out with one room or area of the home. Then sort by box or bag in the following categories:

  • What to Keep
  • What to Donate
  • What to Throw Away
  • What to Put into Storage

A good rule of thumb in deciding what you really need is if you have not used it for the last two years then you probably can do without it. Keep items that have significant value either sentimentally or financially; these are the things that should be properly displayed or put into storage. Give away items still in good condition to those who need them more. You may possibly be able to claim a tax deduction and if not, you will still feel good about your good deed. Anything that is not in good condition to begin with should be thrown away or recycled if possible.

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